General questions

Is llenrup.coms GEDCOM Tools free?


Do llenrup.coms GEDCOM Tools store my files?


What is a GEDCOM file anyway?

GEDCOM which stands for Genealogical Data Communication is a specification for exchanging genealogical data. Most genealogy softwware tools and web sites will let you export your data to GEDCOM format.

How do I contact you or ask questions about GEDCOM Tools?

Use the Forum link. This takes you to a google groups forum.
Splitter questions

How does the splitter handle trees where the two branches connect?

This was the problem I had that made me make my own splitter. Many trees have branches that reconnect, from first cousins marrying to remote connections between inlaws. Other splitting tools I have used did not handle this and you ended up with all the same people in both split parts. Splitter handles this by using a distance from the root person. If a person and their ancestors and descendants would end up in both trees then this person is assigned to both trees but their ancestors and descendants are only assigned to the tree where the distance is less.
Other Tools

Are there other good GEDCOM tools around.

Yes there are see:
Built with Ninja framework.